Monday, November 26, 2012

Haircare Product Review: TRESemmé Split End Remedy Shampoo & Conditioner

TRESemmé Split Remedy Shampoo and Conditioner
As promised, here is my review on the TRESemmé Split Remedy Shampoo and Conditioner.  If I am not mistaken, this is one of TRESemmé's latest release and it received a lot of attention because it claims to reduce up to 80% of split ends after 3 washes.

Here is the product information from the TRESemmé website:

There’s nothing like freshly-cut hair to add a spring to your step, but over time split ends can make your hair look frizzy and rough. This results in having to a hair cut. If you are trying to grow your hair faster this split ends make this a huge challenge.

Introducing TRESemmé® Split Remedy ™, formulated with a revolutionary Reconstructing Complex that repairs up to 80% of the split ends you have in just three washes. With continued use, the salon-quality formula continues to bind split ends for a smooth look that lasts and keeps working to help prevent new splits from occurring – no more cutting split ends. So you can grow your hair faster and have that salon fresh polished feeling every day.

Our split end treatment is powered by advanced technology found in the Reconstructing Complex utilizes both negatively and positively charged polymers inside a gel body. This is because split ends are negatively charged, the positive charges of the gel body actually attach to the negative charges inside of the split and contract during the drying process to bind split ends of your hair back together — curing your split ends & leaving you with a smooth, frizz proof look and a just-cut look.

* Repair up to 80% of split ends with continued use of Split Remedy shampoo and conditioner or other products in the Split Remedy line.

My review:


I have long layered hair.  The longest part of my hair would reach the small of my back.  I have battled split ends ever since I kept my hair long.  My split ends are not your regular split ends where the hair ends would just split into two.  Some of my split ends resemble tree branches and some are pretty interesting: they would split in the middle and taper out as a whole towards the end.  Even with hair trims, split ends will return very quickly so it is imperative for me to have a good haircare regime.  It is just not within my budget to return to the hairdresser every other day to get my hair trimmed. 

I bought the Split Remedy Shampoo and Conditioner at Woolworths when Woolworths was having a 50% off TRESemmé hair shampoos and conditioners.  Spurred on by the reviews of it and the good price point, I was convinced that I would like it and I bought two each.

Review was written after using 1 bottle each of the Split Remedy Shampoo & Conditioner continously without the use of any other haircare products during that period.

Split Remedy Shampoo: Cleans hair well but does not repair split ends

  • Texture: The texture is good as it is nice and thick.  It lathers up quickly and it cleans my hair really well.
  • Scent: No noticeable or overwhelming scent.
  • Price: RRP AUD$11.49 but you can get it for less than AUD$10 depending on where you shop.  It is cheaper if you can get it on sale.

  • Effect: My hair feels dryer than usual.  I normally just towel dry my hair and let my hair tair-dry by itself. I seldom use the hair dryer so that my hair does not get any dryer or have more split ends. After using this conditioner in conjunction with the shampoo, my hair is noticeably dryer that my friends and family have commented that my hair looks and feels very dry.
  • Product does not do what it claims: Does not repair split ends.

Conclusion: I am sad to say that it does nothing for my hair or hair ends.  This shampoo definitely does not mend my split ends so I will just finish up whatever I have left. I will not be repurchasing.  The only way to get rid of split ends temporarily will still be a hair cut/trim.

Split Remedy Conditioner: Not a good conditioner and does not repair split ends AT ALL.


  • Texture: Good and it applies easily.  (I mostly apply it on to my hair ends).
  • Scent: No noticeable or overwhelming scent.
  • Price: RRP AUD$11.49 but you can get it for less than AUD$10 depending on where you shop. It is cheaper if you can get it on sale.
  • Effect:  Hair feels conditioned immediately after washing off the conditioner.


  • Effect: Hair does not feel conditioned after hair dries.  My hair feels dryer than usual. I normally just towel dry my hair and let my hair tair-dry by itself. I seldom use the hair dryer so that my hair does not get any dryer or have more split ends. After using this conditioner in conjunction with the shampoo, my hair is noticeably dryer that my friends and family have commented that my hair looks and feels very dry.
  • Product does not do what it claims: Does not repair split ends.


I am sad to say that it does nothing for my hair or hair ends. This conditioner definitely does not mend my split ends so I will just finish up whatever I have left. I will not be repurchasing. The only way to get rid of split ends temporarily will still be a hair cut/trim.


At the end of the day, this is a decent shampoo if you are after a shampoo that cleans your hair.  I cannot recommend the conditioner at all.  Also, if you are after a shampoo and conditioner that repairs split ends, I'm afraid that this is not it.
Have you tried the TRESemmé Split Remedy Shampoo & Conditioner? What do you think?
annsleyw :)


Post Black Friday & Cyber Monday Hauls

Hi everyone, so this is a rambling kind of blog entry to keep you guys updated.  I have been hauling A TON.  Of course, Black Friday and Cyber Monday were the culprits behind my massive hauling.  (As if I don't haul enough without any kind of Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales.) :X

I have an important annoucement to make:  I AM ORGANISING A BLOG SALE SOON!  In anticipation of all my orders that will make its way to me and because I don't have more room for more makeup (WHY DID I BUY SO MUCH STUFF?!), I am clearing out my makeup stash for my newcomers.  Clearly, I have neglected some of the stuff in my makeup collection.  Rather than them sitting around being so unloved, they may find better homes.

99% of the items were bought within the past 2 years (that's when my makeup addiction started) and most of the 99% were bought within the year.  I am excited for my first ever blog sale so do check back regularly or follow my blog to be in the know when I post my blog sale entry!

Have you ever bought from a blog sale before?  What did you buy?

annsleyw :)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Black Friday Sales!

Hello everybody, tomorrow will be Black Friday!  In the US, it marks the beginning of the shopping frenzy that will take over the US. And if you are celebrate Thanksgiving, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  There are plenty of sales going on and even if you are not in the US, it is possible to take part in the Black Friday sales thanks to the invention of modern technology.  Here are some of the ones that I am most excited about.

Sites that ship internationally:

Sigma Beauty: Free Worldwide First Class Shipping. Coupon Code: BF 2012. Valid from: 12AM US CST Thurs 22 Nov 2012- 11.59pm US CST Fri 23 Nov 2012
You don't have to but I would appreciate it if you use my link:

Comments: To my knowledge, Sigma Beauty only offers free worldwide shipping once every year during their Black Friday event.  Savings are pretty substantial especially if you live outside the US.  This is especially good for those who want to try Sigma brushes but hesitate at the shipping prices.

Urban Decay: Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color Collection for $49 ($140 value), 11/23 only. Smoked Palette + free double-ended 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil Set for $49 ($77 value), 11/23 only.  Urban Decay has partnered with MyUS to ship to international addresses.  If shipping is too expensive, consider using a parcel forwarding service. 20% off ABSOLUTELY Everything on 23 November 2012 only. Free International Shipping.

Bloomingdales: Enjoy AUD$9.95 Express Shipping for orders AUD$100 or more. Take USD$25 off for orders between USD$200-399.99. Take USD$50 off for orders between USD$400-599.99. Take USD$75 off for orders between USD$600-799.99. Take USD$100 off for orders between USD$800 and onwards. Discount is subject to exclusions.

Comments: Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy's and Bloomingdales offer international shipping.  As of 22 November 2012, Bloomingdales offers the cheapest shipping for the lowest order value.   Also, Bloomingdales' offer applies to all participating brands rather than offering certain discounted items for Black Friday sales.  Note that if you are in Australia, many of the beauty and fragrance items have shipping restrictions that Bloomingdales will not ship them to Australia.  Ebates: 6%, Mr Rebates: 4% (See below for more information about Ebates and Mr Rebates)

Saks Fifth Avenue: $19.99 USD Express Shipping to select countries on orders of $99 USD and more with code: ROW12. Offer ends on 2 December 2012.  60% off selected styles only.  Get a USD$25 gift card when you spend USD$100 or more on beauty or fragrance with code: BEAUTY12.  Offer is valid online only on 22 November 2012.  Offer is valid online and instore on 23 November 2012.

Comments: Note that if you are in Australia, many of the beauty and fragrance items have shipping restrictions that Saks Fifth Avenue will not ship them to Australia. Ebates: 3%, Mr Rebates: 5%.

Macy's: AUD$15 Flat Fee Shipping with AUD$120 purchase. No codes necessary. Exclusions apply. Australian Shipping Only. Offer ends on 7 December 2012 EST.  10% off: Select home, rugs, jewelry, watches, shoes, coats, suits, dresses, lingerie, mens suit separates & sport coats.  15% off: Regular, sale and clearance prices. Code: TURKEY. Offer ends on 24 November 2012.

Comments: Note that if you are shipping to Australia, many of the beauty and fragrance items have shipping restrictions that Macy's will not ship them to Australia.  Ebates: 6%, Mr Rebates: 4%

Nordstrom: AUD$19.95 Flat Fee Shipping to Australia with online orders of AUD$100 or more. Offer ends 10 December 2012.  Save up to 50% on select items.  Black Friday specials on Women's Beauty and Accessories.

Comments: Note that if you are shipping to Australia, many of the beauty and fragrance items have shipping restrictions that Nordstrom will not ship them to Australia. Ebates: 5%, Mr Rebates: 5%

Shopbop: Free Express International Delivery with orders above USD$100.  USD$10 flat fee for orders under $100.  No code required.  Spend USD$250+, save 20%.  Spend USD$500+, save 25%.  Spend USD$1000+, save 30%.  Spend USD$1500+, save 35%.  Code: BIGEVENT12.  Offer ends on 26 November 2012 11.59pm PT.

Comments: Note that exclusions apply and it is not combinable with other offers. Ebates: 2.5%, Mr Rebates: 3%

Coastal Scents: 50% off EVERYTHING! Offer expires 27/11/2012 AT 9:00AM EASTERN STANDARD TIME, USA.

Sasa: Spend USD$15 for free worldwide shipping.  Black Friday discounts on selected items.  Offer ends 23 November 2012.

Sites that do not ship internationally (I use a parcel forwarding service):

Sephora: $10 Deals. No coupon required.
Deals: Sephora Collection Gilded Brush Set Trio ($30 value), Bare Escentuals Let It Glow Set ($42 value), Boscia Best of Boscia Set ($30 value), Ole Henriksen 3 Little Holiday Wonders ($35 value), Philosophy Purity Made Simple 12 oz ($26 value), Stila Travel Palette & Deluxe Kitten Lip Glaze ($67 value), Tokyo Milk Femme Fatal Trio ($30 value), Too Faced Deluxe Chocolate Soleil & Travel Kabuki ($34 value), Tarte Gifted Mascara & Multipleye Lash Primer ($31 value), Jack Black Comfort & Joy Duo ($14 value), Josie Maran Bear Naked Wipes & Nail Wipes ($21 value), Tocca 3 Mini Rollerballs ($30 value), Bite Mini Lipstick Palette ($48 value), LORAC Behind the Scenes Eye Primer & Shadow ($40 value), and Buxom In the Spotlight Set ($40 value).

Stila: Free Exclusive 10-Pan Eyeshadow Palette worth USD$180 when you spend USD$75 and more.


As you can tell, I prefer sites that ship internationally but I will continue to order from Sephora because they have some of the best holiday sets.


I never knew about getting rebates from my purchases before.  Given that I shop A LOT, I lament at how much money I could have saved had I known about them earlier so do check out websites that offer you rebates from your shopping!  I use Ebates and Mr Rebates for US websites and StartHere for Australia websites.  StartHere offers a whopping 9% rebates for (I nearly cried when I saw this because I made an ASOS order a day before I found out about StartHere. T.T) and rebates for purchases at daily deals websites like Spreets, Livingsocial etc. as well as service providers like Vodafone.  How cool is that?!

Simply sign up for your own accounts and enter the websites from your accounts.  Once you have made a purchase, the merchant will credit the money to Ebates which will then be credited to your account.  As long as you have PayPal, you can access those rebates. 

Why have two rebates accounts you ask?  Sometimes, Ebates and Mr Rebates offer you different rates of rebates so it is important to check for the best rebates.  The more rebates you get, the more money you have saved!  I have included the rebates information for the different sites above.  However, if you are using a parcel forwarding service to purchase products on your behalf, I doubt the parcel forwarding service will access your account to enter the websites to purchase the products for you.

You don't have to use my links but I will appreciate it if you do:
Mr Rebates:

Watch this post as I update with more information about Black Friday sales as they become available.  Happy Shopping and Happy Thanksgiving!

annsleyw :)


Sites that ship internationally:

Z Palette: 20%-30% off selected items on Black Friday.  Cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.

Kiss and Makeup: 10% off all orders on Black Friday.  Code: BLACKFRIDAY2012.  Free shipping in US and Canada. Flat rate worldwide shipping of $9.99. 15% off + Free shipping on all orders.  20 % off + Free shipping on orders over $75.  25% off + Free shipping on all orders over $150.  30% off + Free shipping on orders over $300. Code: 50SHADES.  $25 off + Free shipping on orders over $150 with code: SHDSBLK (valid through 25 November 2012).  Certain restrictions may apply.  Ebates: 8%, Mr Rebates: 8%. Spend $300 and get 20% off.  Spend $500 and get 25% off.  Spend $750 and get 30% off.  Code: GIFTFORYOU.  Exclusions apply.  Ebates: 7%, Mr Rebates: 4%

Sites that do not ship internationally (I recommend using a parcel forwarding service if you do not live in the US): 50% off all sale items.  Code: BLACK2012.  Offer ends 26 November 2012 Midnight PST.  Free US shipping on orders over $50.  Ebates: 4% Ulta deals. No coupon required: Tigi Tweens $6.99 each ($15 value), bareMinerals Glow Getters and Little Luxuries $10 each (Up to $42 value), ULTA Artist Blockbuster $16.99 ($200 value),  Too Faced The Triple Threat $18 each ($53 value), Urban Decay Triple Threat Travel Pencil Set $19 ($36 value), Tarte Balanced & Beautiful Amazonian Clay Essentials Kit $22 ($62 Value),  Benefit 3 pc Fa La La La Flawless $25 ($79 value) and Red Carpet Starter Kit with Professional Light $59.99. Ebates: 8%, Mr Rebates: 7%

Ulta coupon codes: Ultra Chi Holiday 1 inch Flat Irons at $74.96 each with coupon code 86769.  Free Shipping with any $25 online purchase with code HOLIDAY2012.  $3.50 off any $10 purchase with code: 743036 (valid through 30 November 2012).  $10 off any $60 purchase with code: 80531 (valid through 30 November 2012).  Only one coupon code may be used per order.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

High End Makeup Haul: Guerlain and Dior

Hello everyone!  I have finally uploaded my High End Makeup Haul video.  This video took a longer time than usual because this is my 3rd time re-filming the video.  I bought most of the products awhile ago and have used some of them for sometime already.  This explains the mini review in this video as well.  I forgot to mention it in the video but I am also wearing the Guerlain Lingerie De Peau Foundation besides the Rouge G Lipstick in 65 Grenade in the video.

Though Guerlain and Dior products are expensive, the products mentioned in the video is well worth the splurge if you are in the market for some high end cosmetics.  They also make great gifts for the upcoming Christmas season.  *Major hinting time* ;)

Here's the video:

Products mentioned in this video are:

Guerlain Lingerie De Peau Foundation: 02 Beige Clair
Guerlain Météorites Compact Pressed Powder: 02 Teint Beige
Dior Ultra Shimmer All Over the Face Powder: 002 Amber Diamonds
Guerlain Rouge G Lipstick: 65 Grenade
Guerlain Rouge G Lipstick: 03 Galia
Guerlain Series Noire Rouge G Lipstick: 45 Orange Euphorique
Guerlain Rouge Automatique: 120 Coque D'Or
Guerlain Rouge Automatique: 141 Quand Vient L'Été
Guerlain Rouge Automatique: 164 Chamade

Disclaimer: All products were purchased by me.  All opinions are my own and this is not a sponsored video.

Have you tried any of the products mentioned in the video?  If yes, what do you think of them?  If not, which do you want to try first?

annsleyw :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

NOTD: Essie Bordeaux

Hello!  I am back with another Nail Of The Day (NOTD) post.  Today's manicure features a line up of Essie products which I am very impressed by.  Seriously, Essie is on its way to being my favourite nail polish brand this year.  In case you were wondering, OPI is or maybe, was,  my favourite nail polish brand. 
Firstly, I used Essie's Protein Base Coat.  Essie's Bordeaux is the nail polish colour and lastly, I topped the manicure off with Essie's To Dry For Polishing Drying Top Coat.  Here's the result:

Essie Bordeaux
I used filters with the above photograph because the light was making my camera's settings crazy- the camera made it look brown instead of the deep burgundy red it actually is.  The name is very apt as the colour reminds me of red wine and Bordeaux is a region in France which produces mostly red wines.
The formula of the nail polish is excellent- not too runny and not gloopy at all. The consistency of the nail polish allowed for smooth application.  For less of a deep burgundy red, try one coat to achieve a deep red colour.  However, if you want your manicure to look true to colour, I would recommend at least 2 coats to achieve that deep burgundy red colour.  This nail polish leaves a very glossy finish which I like very much.  You can skip a glossy top coat if you want but I would still recommend using a top coat, not for the glossy finish, but to increase the longevity of the manicure.
Have you tried any Essie nail polishes yet? If yes, what do you think about it? Is Essie your favourite nail polish brand?

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

October Favourites 2012: Real Techniques, Guerlain, MAC, BeautySoClean and more!

Hello everyone, hope you all are doing well.  As for me, I am not so well.  The changing seasons marks my seasonal illness.  It seems like I will never fail to fall sick everytime the seasons change.  It has been going on for a couple of days and I felt like I would never get around to filming my October favourites if I waited for this bout of illness to be over.  So I bit the bullet and filmed my October Favourites.  If you are wondering why it was so choppy, well, this video suffered major edits as I edited my sniffles, sneezes, coughs etc.

As for my camera, I am sorting out camera issues so bear with me for awhile.  Here's my October Favourites video:

In case you were wondering why I touched my brushes when I talked about being a germaphobe, it did not matter because my brushes were dirty and I was going to wash them after filming the video.

Products mentioned in this video are:

Real Technique brushes: Buffing Brush, Expert Face brush, Blush Brush, Setting Brush, Deluxe Crease Brush, and Kabuki Brush
Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Gel Cream Liner for Brown Eyes
Guerlain Rouge G Lipsticks #65 Grenade and #03 Galia
Eau Thermale Avene Thermal Spring Water for Sensitive Skin
Hollywood False Eyelashes TP008
MAC Painterly Paint Pot
BeautySoClean Cosmetic Sanizer Mist and Wipes
Zoya Jancyn

Disclaimer: All products mentioned in this video are purchased by me with my own money and this is not a sponsored video.

annsleyw :)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Project 10 Pan #1: COMPLETE!

I went on Project 10 Pan, codenamed P10P, sometime ago.  The purpose was to halt my beauty shopping expeditions which were increasing relentlessly.  For those who don't know what P10P is about, it means that I cannot buy anything beauty related until I have finished using up 10 beauty products.  Of course, there will be slight variations and I had mine.  My variations included:

- If I finished using up a beauty essential that I did not have a back up of, I am allowed to purchase it.
- If I purchased a non-essential beauty product, I would have to increase the number of products that I had to finish using up by the number of non-essential beauty products I purchased.  For example, if I bought 1 non-essential beauty product, P10P will become P11P. If I bought 2 non-essential beauty products, P10P will become P12P.

For more, check out my blog entry on P10P.

At first I thought 10 products- yeah, it should be relatively easy to stop shopping until I finished using up 10 products.  However, my shopping itch resurfaced by the time I finished 4 products.  With all the sales popping up like weed, it was not easy to resist.  Naturally, I succumbed to makeup temptation and picked up 2 goodies while I was on P10P.

If you follow me on Instagram, you would know that my first temptation is Guerlain Rouge G in #03 Galia.

Guerlain Rouge G in #03 Galia

Swatches: Guerlain Rouge G #03 Galia is 2nd from the bottom
I think I spent most of October obsessing over Guerlain products. I wanted to choose the baby pink (bottom) and the bright fuchsia berry red (top) as well but I figured that I would not wear them as often as Galia.  Also, I did not want to add too many to the number of products that I had to finish using up!

After my Guerlain Rouge G #03 Galia purchase, I was good for awhile because my online beauty purchases (purchased before P10P) began to arrive.  My online beauty purchases distracted me from beauty shopping for sometime.  However, after I read Fleur of Fleur De Force's blog entry about her interview with Taylor Swift, I felt like I had to get my next makeup temptation.

Covergirl Lipstick in #305 Hot
While I am not the BIGGEST Taylor Swift fan, I will admit that I like her music.  I started listening to her ever since "Teardrops on My Guitar".  I loved that song so much that it was constantly on repeat.  Subsequently, she had more and more songs that made it to my playlist.  Anyway, I digress.  What I am trying to say is that I have always been intrigued by Taylor Swift's lipstick.  If you haven't noticed, she wears a particular red lipstick in nearly every single picture of her.  When the cat came out of the bag and it was revealed that her favourite lipstick is Covergirl Lipstick in #305 Hot, I was on the prowl for it.  At that point in time, it felt like I was meant to get it because I got the last one at my local Priceline! LUCKY!
So P10P became P12P for me.  By then, I could not wait for P12P to be over.  More sales had come up and my shopping itch was incurable.  I felt like I had to hurry with P12P and I felt like I cheated a bit because 2 products are samples. :X  (Do note that P10P commenced after I had binned my product empties so the finished products for P10P do not overlap with my product empties.)
Here is what I finished using up :
Left to Right (First Row): Palmer's Cocoa Butter Massage Cream for Stretch Marks Concentrated Cream with Vitamin E, Collagen & Elastin, Sukin Hydrating Mist Toner, Korres Body Butter (Guava), Biotherm Biopur Pore Reducer Cleanser, Aqua Rine Peach Japanese Aroma Bath Sea Salt, L'Oreal Paris Elvive Colour Protect Deep Repair Treatment
Left to Right (Second Row): Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Body Lotion with Vitamin E, Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks, Colgate MaxWhite One Ice, My Beauty Diary- Earl Grey Tea & Macaron Sheet Mask (x3)
As soon as P10P was over, I was ready to shop!  While I purchased some (aka many) items since then, I have also used up another My Beauty Diary- Earl Grey Tea & Macaron Sheet Mask and I am making good progress on some of my other beauty items.  I won't tell you what now so stay tuned for more upcoming blog entries and Youtube videos!
Till then, take care!
annsleyw :)

Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween 2012

Hello there!  If you don't already know, Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year.  I did not celebrate Halloween as a child but I was introduced to Halloween sometime in 2007.  My friend S had her birthday and we were all asked to dress up since her birthday is very close to Halloween.  I went as a black angel and boy, I discovered my love for Halloween.

Sometime during mid year, I was contemplating what I should dress up as for this Halloween.  I came across Jordan Liberty's video (his Youtube username is: Givegoodface) where he did the Leopard eye look.  I was so inspired by his video that I wanted to try it out immediately.  After that, I was convinced that I wanted to be a leopard this year.

I did a trial run previously so that I would not make a total mess of it later on.  I took photos of the look that I rocked on Saturday (not the actual day!) and posted them on Instagram and Facebook.  I got compliments and some asked to see my leopard ears.  So here they are and I did my own leopard manicure to complete the leopard look. 

I hope you had a great Halloween. What did you go as?  Until next year! *time to keep my Halloween stuff*

annsleyw :)

Product Empties/Products I've used up/What's in my garbage bin #1

Hello hello, this is the corresponding blog post for my "Product Empties/Products I've used up/What's in my garbage bin #1" video that is very belated.  I don't know about you but for me, I have mixed emotions when I finish using up products.  If it is a product that I really like; I feel sad about it coming to an end and even sadder if it is expensive.  If it is a product that I dislike; I'd say 'Good riddance!'.  Overall, it is very satisfying to finish using up products. 

After much hoarding of the empty packaging, I managed to gather a sizeable amount of product empties to film Product Empties/Products I've used up/What's in my garbage bin #1.  They were sitting in a corner in my room for quite sometime and I could not wait to bin them!  Imagine my satisfaction when I finally binned them. *cues maniac laughter* MUAHAHAHAHA....

To check out the video, click on the link below:

If you prefer to read about it, keep scrolling! :)

I hardly ever finish any makeup product so this is my only makeup product that I finished using.

Dollywink Liquid Eyeliner
I used to think that liquid eyeliners were intimidating and never ventured into the winged eye liner look until I got the Dollywink Liquid Eyeliner.  This is a life changing product.  Now, it is easier to create that elusive winged eye liner look with the Dollywink Liquid Eyeliner.  It has one of the finest tips in the market and it gives the user a lot of control when it comes to lining the eyes.  The colour is a matte black.  While it is not as black as Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid Eyeliner, this is one of the blacker eyeliners in the markets.  TWO THUMBS UP FOR THIS and I can't wait to repurchase it!

For your information, I am a HUGE My Beauty Diary Face Masks Fan.  My love for them started in 2010 when I was introduced to them in Hong Kong by my friend D.  We were there for a school program but she went to Hong Kong with her mum prior to the commencement of the school program.  Her mum left Hong Kong when the program commenced and she told me that she got her mum to bring back 8 boxes of these face masks.  At that time, I was not into makeup and skin care like I am now so 8 boxes of face masks sounded pretty incredible to me.

These face masks were on sale at Sasa (a Hong Kong cosmetics store) at that time so I bought 2 boxes based on D's recommendation.  Fast forward a couple of years, I lost count of how many boxes of these face masks I have used. :S

My Beauty Diary- Japanese Cherry Blossom Masks

My Beauty Diary- Black Pearl Mask

My Beauty Diary- Earl Grey Tea & Macaron Sheet Mask
The photos with the boxes indicate that I have used up the entire box of face masks.  Out of the three, my favourite is Black Pearl. 2nd would be Japanese Cherry Blossom.  While the 3rd is Earl Grey Tea & Macaron, I would not call it a 3rd favourite.  It feels good on my face but I don't think it works amazingly well for my face.  I would definitely repurchase Black Pearl and Japanese Cherry Blossom (I have repurchased many times already!) but I would not repurchase Earl Grey Tea & Macaron once I finish the entire boxful.

Sessenz (Lef to Right):  Bio-Tox Rejuvenating Lift Mask and L-Ascorbic Acid Ex Whitening Lift Mask
The Sessenz masks were gifted to me by my aunt who knows that I am a skincare junkie.  What makes the Sessenz masks so special are the hooks and the neck masks.  Each mask is bigger than your usual face mask and it comes with the bottom neck mask to nourish your neck area.  Our necks often get neglected as we focus on our face so Sessenz takes that into consideration and VIOLA!  A face and neck mask!  It shows that Sessenz has given much thought into its product which I really appreciate.  The mask also comes with 2 pairs of hooks- one for the face mask and one for the neck mask.  You hook them onto your ears and they prevent the mask from slipping off your face.  In my opinion, it is a great product concept.  While I have not used the masks continuously to tell whether the product claims worked, I did notice a visible difference in my face's condition.  It feels good on my face, it clarified my skin and I would definitely repurchase if it was available in Australia at a decent price point. (PS: Australian beauty products are very overpriced.) :(

Guardian Facial Makeup Remover Wipes
For a drugstore facial makeup remover wipe that is not expensive (from my recollection anyway), I was pretty impressed with it.  It did a very good job of removing my makeup quickly.  While it is not going to remove your waterpoof makeup, it is a handy product to keep in your vanity for days when you want to remove light makeup or non-waterproof makeup.  Its inexpensiveness also means that it is great for daily usage.  I have backups of these!

Left to right: Biotherm Biopur S.O.S Normalizer Toner and Cleanser (Moisturizer not pictured), Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel (Combination Oily to Oily Skin), Lancome Genefique Youth Activator, Lancome Visionnaire and Benefit Eyes It's Potent Eye Cream.
For more details about the Biotherm Biopur S.O.S Normalizer Skin Care series, Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel, Lancome Genefique and Lancome Visionnaire, check out my blog post or Youtube video about my skin care routine.  Biotherm Biopur S.O.S Skin Care series are currently discontinued or going to be discontinued so I would encourage you to buy it if you are hemming and hawwing about getting it.  I have backups but for now, I want to try to find a replacement before I start using my backups.  I have already repurchased the Clinique moisturizer, Lancome Genefique and Visionnaire!

As for Benefit Eyes It's Potent Eye Cream, it is a product that I am indifferent to.  It is not amazing that I will rush out to buy once I finished using it (though I do have one more in my collection), but it is not bad that I have anything to complain about it.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Cream for Stretch Mark Cream Concentrate
This is embarassing but yes, I do have stretch marks.  While this cream has not made my stretch marks miraculously disappear, I find that it has made a visible difference by improving the elasticity of my skin.  I have repurchased it and because I like it so much, I am currently trying out different variations of Palmer's Cocoa Butter's products for stretch marks.  
Bioré Gentle Make-up Removing Wipes and StriVictin-SD Intensive Concentrate for Stretch Marks & Wrinkles
As these are only samples that I have only used once or twice, I have not actually tried it long enough to review it so no comments!
Bioré Black Nose Strips and Bioré Pore Perfector Nose Strips
The Bioré Black Nose Strips come in a pack of 10 which I purchased.  They work relatively well but they do not remove all the gunk from my nose completely.  The Pore Perfector Nose Strip was a sample that I received so no comments on that since it was a one time use only.

TRESemmé Split Remedy Shampoo and Conditioner
I have so much to say about the TRESemmé Split Remedy Shampoo and Conditioner that I will have a separate product review blog entry on these.

Korres Shower Gel (Guava) and LUX Exfoliating Body Wash (Tahitian Escape)
The Korres Shower Gel was okay but I am not a huge fan of the Guava scent.  On the other hand, I am a huge fan of LUX body wash because they all smell amazing!  With LUX body washes, you have the choice of exfoliating or regular body wash.  I love the entire range so I do use both the exfoliating and regular body washes.  With the exfoliating body washes, they are very gentle so I don't feel like they exfoliate my skin much.  You will definitely have to use a body scrub on top of the exfoliating body wash.  While it cannot replace a body scrub, it is a good body wash to use.

Left to Right: Soap & Glory Body Scrub (Scrub Actually), Boots No. 7 Body Scrub (Yoghurt), Victoria's Secret Body Scrub (Hello Darling) and Bioré Pore Unclogging Scrub

My favourite body scrubs are from Soap & Glory.  Their scents are incredible!  I also used up Soap & Glory's Scrub of Your Life but I forgot to save the packaging of that.  Soap & Glory's Scrub Actually is an excellent body scrub that I will definitely recommend!  It does a great job at exfoliating and it leaves my skin feeling moisturized afterwards.  Comparing Scrub of Your Life and Scrub Actually, I prefer Scrub Actually because it is more exfoliating.  Scrub Actually's exfoliating brown sugar also dissolves as you exfoliate your skin.  I like how it does not leave residues in my shower. 

Boots Yoghurt Body Scrub does a decent job at exfoliating and moisturizing but it left residues in my shower.  It is especially troublesome when it dries up in the shower and will make your shower area look dirty. :( 

Victoria's Secret Body Scrub in Hello Darling is a decent body scrub.  However, when compared to the other body scrubs featured above, I find that I need more of this product to do the same job.  Maybe that's why it barely lasted a fortnight. (oops)

As for the Bioré Pore Unclogging Scrub, it is a good product!  For a mini sized bottle, it lasted for a good period of time.  It does a decent job at exfoliating and I like the minty refreshing feeling it leaves on my skin.  I will definitely repurchase it once I finish the facial scrubs at home!  In fact, I can't wait to buy it and use it again...  Do bear in mind that it contains small amounts of salicylic acid so remember to protect your skin with SPF! 

Boots Caribbean Cocktail: A Very Berry Surprise Body Lotion
This is a very lightweight body lotion that smells scrumptious!  It smells like berry yoghurt which I love.  It is readily absorbed into my skin but it does not leave my skin feeling moisturized after a few hours.  It will be suitable for those living in warmer climates and people who love berry yoghurt scents!

So this is it for my blog entry version for my product empties.  I actually started this blog entry awhile ago but never got round to finishing it.  BAH!  This is a very long blog entry but I hope you will enjoy it nevertheless.  Stay tuned for more blog entries and Youtube videos!

annsleyw :)