Monday, November 26, 2012

Post Black Friday & Cyber Monday Hauls

Hi everyone, so this is a rambling kind of blog entry to keep you guys updated.  I have been hauling A TON.  Of course, Black Friday and Cyber Monday were the culprits behind my massive hauling.  (As if I don't haul enough without any kind of Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales.) :X

I have an important annoucement to make:  I AM ORGANISING A BLOG SALE SOON!  In anticipation of all my orders that will make its way to me and because I don't have more room for more makeup (WHY DID I BUY SO MUCH STUFF?!), I am clearing out my makeup stash for my newcomers.  Clearly, I have neglected some of the stuff in my makeup collection.  Rather than them sitting around being so unloved, they may find better homes.

99% of the items were bought within the past 2 years (that's when my makeup addiction started) and most of the 99% were bought within the year.  I am excited for my first ever blog sale so do check back regularly or follow my blog to be in the know when I post my blog sale entry!

Have you ever bought from a blog sale before?  What did you buy?

annsleyw :)

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