Friday, December 7, 2012

What my postman brought me!

Hi everyone, hope everyone is doing well. I am so excited because I received 2 parcels today. Woot woot! I started receiving my Black Friday orders since last week. It started off with my Z-palettes. Here is a photo of the Z-palettes which I posted on Instagram:

Which has since transformed into this....

Filled Z-palettes (PS: I will do another blog entry on this separately.)

So the 2nd Black Friday order that arrived in the post is my Illamasqua haul. I bought the Skin Base Foundation which received so much acclaim that I have been wanting it for awhile. I bought it in a set which came with Gleam- a gorgeous highlighter. The good people at Illamasqua also threw in a Freak Eau De Parfum sample with each order. I have never smelt Illamasqua's fragrances before so this will be my first. Can't wait to play with them!

L-R: Freak Eau De Parfum Sample, Gleam and Skin Base Foundation

My 2nd parcel for the day was from my Secret Santa! I participated in an activity called "Secret Santa" with the other ladies at BeautyHeaven (a beauty community). Blossy, who is so ever thoughtful and kind, became our Head Santa. She was in-charge of drawing the lots and letting each of us know who our Secret Santa recipient is. We used AUD$20 (excluding shipping) as a guideline as to how much our present should cost. My present arrived today and here it is:

L-R: Card, Napolean Perdis Sugar Lip Gloss, Natio Mineral Lip Butter (Tender), Natio Mineral Eyeshadow Duo (Highlight And Define), Loréal Color Riche Nail Polish (#809 Mystic Blue), Chi Chi Nail Polish (Cradle Snatcher), Covergirl Lipstick (Hipster) and 2 Revlon ColorStay Overtime Lip Colour (#250 Boundless Brandy and #460 Neverending Nude).

My Secret Santa has spoilt me! I am super excited to try out the products I received! There are products from the brand Natio which I have never tried before, and the most exciting one of all; the Loréal Color Riche Nail Polish! It is screaming for me to apply it on right now. For the sake of blogging, I am typing this before I go ahead and apply my nail polish.

I am ending it here because I really want to apply the Loreal nail polish NOW! Look out for a NOTD post soon! Also, check out my blog sale entry for some awesome products that need some loving.

Are you participating in Secret Santa this year? If yes, what did you receive that you were most excited for?

annsleyw :)

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