Monday, June 17, 2013

Puretopia Glowingly Smooth Exfoliating & Renewing Body Polish= Cup of Coffee?

Puretopia Glowingly Smooth Exfoliating & Renewing Body Polish

Every time I go to the shower, I always tell myself to blog about this awesome product that has me hooked- bait, line and sinker. The distractions of my everyday life usually take away my attention after my shower and I usually forget about it until the next time I hit the shower. As a result, I am down to the last quarter of my second tube as I write this review.

Besides this product, I have also been rather obsessed with body care since it is the winter and my skin usually needs more tender loving care (TLC). What most of us will do during winter is to pile on the moisturizers, body butters, creams etc. However, what most people neglect to do is to exfoliate. There is little meaning to piling on the moisturizers, body butters, creams etc. if you do not exfoliate The dead skin cells will sit on top and you are merely moisturizing the dead skin cells which is meaningless (in my opinion).

I exfoliate on a regular basis so I definitely have my favourites. I prefer body scrubs that utilize salt or sugar crystals to those that utilize nut shells because they do not leave residues in my shower area. However, this body polish is so good that I don't mind cleaning my shower area more often!

My all-time favourite body scrub is Soap and Glory's Scrub Actually (which uses sugar crystals) but Puretopia Glowingly Smooth Exfoliating & Renewing Body Polish is my current favourite. Phew. What a mouthful of a name. Touted as being 100 per cent sulphate, paraben and soap-free, it is suitable for all skin types. The body polish contains Amazonian acai berry and guarana for skin stimulation and detoxification while walnut shell gently polishes, and aloe vera soothes, clams and moisturises. It says that the body polish has a lime, lemongrass and ginger fragrance. The body polish is used to exfoliate dead skin cells, excess oils, traces of daily pollution, grime and makeup.

I use it "neat" all over my body and mix a little with my facial cleanser when I use it on my face. The exfoliating bits of walnut shell do a good job of exfoliating my skin as I feel that my skin is reborn to become smoother and more vibrant. However, it stops short of being too harsh and abrasive.  I have sensitive skin so it is a major concern for me if the body scrub is too harsh and abrasive but I also dislike those that are too gentle as you do not feel like you have exfoliated anything at all. I give Puretopia's body polish a thumbs up as it does not have any negative effects on me.

While there are many good body scrubs/polishes in the market, what stands out in this product is its smell. I disliked the smell when I first used it as I likened it to be "herby". However, the smell grew on me and I grew to like the smell. Also, there is something about the smell that seems to invigorate and rejuvenate my soul as I use it.  I am familiar with the smell of lime, lemongrass and ginger so I doubt that it is the smell of these ingredients. I suspect it is due to the use of guarana (an ingredient found in energy drinks). Though I am not a fan of energy drinks, the use of guarana is possibly why I love using this body polish during my morning showers. Using Puretopia's Body Polish in the morning is the equivalent of having a power pick-me-up cup of coffee (smell-wise) that I feel more awake and ready to face the morning. Having a smooth, vibrant, clean and refreshed mind and body is always a bonus!

What sort of body scrubs do you prefer? Let me know in the comments section below!

annsleyw :)

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