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Review: Guerlain Rouge G Lipstick 65 Grenade

Guerlain Rouge G Lipstick: 65 Grenade
Hello Gorgeous! *wolf whistles* Is this not the prettiest lipstick you have ever set your eyes on? For me, Guerlain has become my latest brand-crush. Guerlain has amazing products with amazing packaging but the Rouge Gs are top on my list with the exception of the ever elusive Cruel Gardenia that I want so badly. :(

The jewel lipstick compact has a luxurious look and it does have a good weight to it which adds to the luxe effect. The practicality of the compact to open and reveal 2 mirrors is a good idea since it is troublesome to find a mirror to re-apply lipstick when you are out. However, the hefty weight of the lipstick does not make it ideal for having many of these in your bag. Also, it is very susceptible to finger prints and because I like my things to look as pristine as possible, trying to handle the compact without getting my fingerprints on it is not easy. I end up having to use a cloth to wipe off my fingerprints everytime I use it. Yes, I am weird like that.

Anyhow, here is a description of the Rouge G lipsticks on Guerlain's website:

A jewel lipstick compact with a white gold shimmer designed by Lorenz Bäumer, the young and talented jeweller in Place Vendôme. A horizontal design with feminine curves that houses a secret: a mirror automatically appears when the compact is opened. The lipstick has a pure elegant, contemporary design, and closes magnetically. This exceptional object boasts a comprehensive, premium formula containing a star ingredient: ruby powder, which acts as an optical whitener to bring out the colour and shine of the shades. The blend of natural active ingredients (Tiger Grass, wild mango butter, Gugul resin, used in Ayurvedic medicine) complete the formula to plump up, smooth and bring moisture and softness to your lips.

So with the description out of the way, here is what I think of the Rouge Gs. IT IS AMAZING! It has my vote for best lipstick of the 2012. I applied the lipstick when I got home from the mall which was around 6pm. I wanted to test the colour on my lips, the texture and how long the lipstick would last on my lips. It applied like a dream. It glided onto my lips very easily and it felt moisturizing.

Grenade is a pretty raspberry red with a sheen that eliminates the need for a gloss on top.The lipstick was pigmented and the colour payoff was good. One swipe along the lips will give you an opaque colour.

Dinner time was around 7pm. After eating my dinner and drinking my favourite green tea, the sheen wore off but the colour on my lips was about 75% the strength of how it looked like when it was freshly applied. Throughout the night, I was talking and drinking more green tea. I took a photo around 9-10pm that night and posted it on Instagram saying how impressed I was with the lasting powers of the lipstick. Here's the photo:

Pardon the use of filter in this photo and the photo is not a true reflection of the actual colour. I did not apply makeup sans the lipstick so I was not keen on scaring people on Instagram. Besides, the whole point of the photo was to show the lasting power of the lipstick and not my makeup (or lack thereof).

At 12 midnight, the colour was still there. I was getting sleepy and for me, the knowledge that it would last me for about 6 hours was good enough for me. Though the lipstick did not dry my lips out, the moisturizing feeling I got when I first applied the lipstick did not last 6 hours. Do note that I was not expecting the lipstick to be a lip balm so I was not bothered about the lipstick not moisturizing my lips for 6 hours. It is just extra information to make the review more complete. I removed the lipstick and went to bed a happy girl.

In Australia, Guerlain Rouge G Lipsticks retails for $70 AUD while it retails for $48 USD in America. The price tag attached to the Rouge Gs is on the high side but depending on the lipstick that you choose, for example; Grenade which comes with a sheen, you will have no need for gloss over the lipstick. The dual purpose of Rouge G in Grenade makes the price tag seem less intimidating.

Packaging: 7/10 (because it is rather heavy and susceptible to finger prints)
Price: 6/10 (definitely a splurge item)
Texture: 9.5/10 (moisturizing and glides on easily- I am only reserving that 0.5 mark because there is always room for improvement no matter how good something or someone is)
Colour: 8/10 (very pretty colour but not a must-have unique colour exclusive to Guerlain Rouge G in 65 Grenade)
Lasting power: 9/10 (sheen will not last but the colour will last for about 6 hours or more even with eating, drinking and talking)

Do you own any Guerlain Rouge G Lipsticks? If yes, which ones do you have? If not, are you looking to try some in the future?

annsleyw :)

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