Friday, October 19, 2012

Project 10 Pan

Hello there, I am so excited to announce that I am going to do Project 10 Pan! While this is not an original idea- many other bloggers and Youtubers have embarked on such a journey before, this is my first Project 10 Pan. It is code named P10P- it reminds me of those code names given to secret agent missions.

Basically, the whole idea of P10P is that you must use up 10 things of what you already have before you buy anything else and it applies to all beauty products. I have seen some bloggers and Youtubers do variations of P10P and some of the more dedicated ones have gone far and beyond to tackle P50P and even P100P! I question my dedication and my low threshold for temptation that I have decided that P10P will be a good start.

I will chronicle my P10P journey and maybe start a monthly empties video and blog post if I go through products fast enough. I am not sure if fate is encouraging me to do this because I am nearly done with my current cleanser! With any luck, washing my face tonight will spell the last of my current cleanser. Do not think that I will simply waste the product just to finish it faster. Pfftttt. I will squeeze the life out of the tube just to get every last bit and use it up. It explains why my tubes always end up looking mangled towards the end. You will see them in my upcoming product empties video which was filmed on Wednesday. I will upload it really soon but those product empties will not be counted for this P10P. My P10P journey will start today: 19 October 2012 and only products used up on 19 October 2012 and onwards will be counted.

Anyhow, here are my variations to my P10P:

- While I will TRY MY BEST not to buy any beauty related products FOR MYSELF before completing P10P (let's be realistic here), if it is an essential product that I do not have a backup/ another of (i.e. shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste), I can buy it.

- If I buy any non-essential beauty product before completing P10P, I will add the number of products I buy to the number of items I have to finish. For example, if I buy a blush while on P10P, P10P will become P11P.

- If it is sent to me for review or gifted to me, it does not count.

My disclaimer is that if you see any haul videos/blog posts/pictures while I am still on P10P, they are most likely my purchases before P10P started. I will be honest if I bought more while on P10P or if they are my purchases before P10P. *pinky promise* And let's face it, this P10P is more for myself than for anyone else anyway. It will make me go through my makeup collection and hopefully, I will focus on what I have and not what I do not have!

I am getting pumped for P10P!

Have you gone on P10P before? If not, are you thinking of doing P10P?

annsleyw :)

Update: This has inspired me to finish up whatever products I have opened but stopped using. P10P may be going faster than I thought!


  1. My friend is doing P100P! She started off as P50P but kept buying things during that period. Haha. It's incredible as how much money she spends on beauty products. Good luck, you'll be able to smash it in no time!

  2. Sounds like your friend and I would get along very well! I am so tempted to buy makeup... P10P is only making the urge to buy more even worse. :(


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