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Clearasil Daily Clear Vitamins & Extracts Wash and Mask (Giveaway at the End!)

Clearasil has released a brand new range of Daily Clear Vitamins & Extracts products. The star product is the Daily Clear Wash and Mask which is designed for women who work hard and play hard. One may ask, how so? Well, women who work hard and play hard have no time to waste so here comes the multi-tasking product which does two jobs. It can be used as a daily facial wash and a mask!

Moreover, it contains avocado extracts (which smells heavenly in my opinion) and nourishing Vitamin E, glycerine for hydration and pomegranate fruit extract which is an anti-oxidant to keep skin looking and feeling healthy. As a result, this product smells fruity and refreshing.

I don't know about you but I have always felt like Clearasil was intended for teenagers with teenage acne or for those with acne issues. At my age, I do experience the occasional acne but products with high concentrations of salicylic acid tend to be too harsh for my skin. I prefer products with little amounts of salicylic acid to prevent breakouts though I have been known to like certain products that contain no salicylic acid as well. It seems to me that Clearasil has decided to reach out to a wider range of consumers since the Daily Clear range has skin conditioning properties that are intended to be delicate enough to be used as part of a daily skin care routine, and it contains less salicylic acid than other Clearasil products.

For use as a facial wash, squeeze a small amount into hands and apply to wet face avoiding the eye area. You can use it daily and it is recommended to use twice daily. I have been using this product everyday for almost two weeks now and I find this product to really work for me. It does a great job at deep-cleansing and it makes my skin feel clean without feeling over-dried or over-stretched. I can almost feel it clean the impurities on my skin.

For use as a mask, squeeze enough product to apply an even layer onto wet face. I will say that you will need more product than when using it as a facial wash. Leave it on for up to 3 minutes and rinse off. It is recommended to use it as a mask up to 3 times per week. However, I am less impressed by this product as a mask because it does the same thing as when it is used as a facial wash and using this product as a mask makes my face sting painfully between the 1st-2nd minute after application. For the sake of reviewing the product, I tried this product as a mask 4 times and had to rinse my face between the 1st-2nd minute when my face started reacting to the product. Perhaps it is because I have sensitive skin, it made my skin feel very raw. When I sprayed a mist of rosewater on my face after rinsing off, I had the same sensation that I had when I cut my finger and brought it into contact with water. On the bright side, it means that it has exfoliating properties as it removed my epidermis (the outer most layer of the skin).

My conclusion is: this product is great as a facial wash for the majority skin types out there. However, I do not think this product is great as a mask for those with sensitive or very sensitive skin. Having said the above, I definitely do think that this is a great product for those experience the occasional acne and/or those who want to help prevent breakouts. Ladies who have acne problems will have better luck with the other Clearasil ranges that contain higher concentrations of salicylic acid. On a parting note, do remember to protect your skin with sunscreen since salicylic acid makes your skin more vulnerable to sun damage!

The Clearasil Daily Clear Vitamins & Extract Wash and Mask (RRP $10.99) is available at leading supermarkets, pharmacies and stores (e.g. Kmart and Target).

This review is done in relation to Product Talk by Nuffnang. The product was sent to me for reviewing purposes and I have not received any monetary or other forms of compensation for this review. All opinions are my own honest opinions. Click on Product Talk by Nuffnang to see what it is about.


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  1. I think this product could help with a myriad of skin problems that I'm having - congestion, minor breakouts and a ruddy complexion. Any help would be greatly appreciated! ;)
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    dripping_paper (at) hotmail (dot) com
    Jenny xx

    1. Hi Jenny, it sounds like this might be the solution to your problems! :)

  2. I think this might help with my uneven and dull complexion - particularly during winter! Would love to see how it goes :)
    followed through bloglovin - my name is Sarah K (

    1. Hi Sarah, you have won a full size one to try and I'd love to hear how you went with it. :)

  3. AH! I hope it's not too late to enter for the giveawaaaay! My biggest skin concern is definitely aging but I'm not sure if this product even deals with aging! I'm definitely always on the lookout for new products on the market though :)

    1. Woops! Forgot to include my email :

  4. My biggest skin concern would have to be break outs. Email: vanessa.bei88@

  5. I would love to be in the draw for a clearasil cleanser! :D I think it'd help with my oily t-zone in the morning (ugh - bed face!) and after work (make-up slopping off face). email:


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