Saturday, July 20, 2013

Colors So Sinful They Beat A Rainbow!

PS: For the sake of wordplay, "colors" in the title is Americanized since the brand Sinful Colors is from America.

To a discerning eye or to avid nail polish collectors, there is a difference between this nail polish and that nail polish. It could be the difference in finish, shimmer, glitter, size of glitter, shape of glitter, warm/cool tones, undertones etc.  To others, they probably think that we have a problem and do not need all the nail polish we buy.  To a certain extent, I agree that I probably have a nail polish problem and I definitely do not need all the nail polish I buy.  Has that stopped me? Well.................... Let's change the topic.

Today's review is on Sinful Colors; the nail polish brand from America.  My interest in the brand was sparked after a trip to America for an overseas program many years ago.  By fate, I picked up a neon purple shade from the brand despite the fact that it was not the type of colour I usually went for.  I also did not have a clue about the brand except that the nail polishes were rather cheap!  That particular nail polish was very creamy and opaque; you can get full opacity with one coat.  The most amazing part of it was that it dried to a matte finish.  At that time, matte nails were not vogue and shiny nails were the trend. 

Fast forward a few years, nail trends have evolved to various finishes and textures with matte nails being one of them.  Sinful Colors also made its way to the Australian shores and boy was I glad to see them!  I remembered my very first Sinful Color nail polish and proceeded to buy a few more.

The first shade I chose was Cinderella.  I picked it because it reminded me of Illamasqua's famed Raindrops.  Cinderella is a baby blue shade with fine micro silver glitters. Cinderella is an apt name for the nail polish as I am reminded of the shade of Disney's Cinderella's baby blue ball gown.  THe colours in Cinderella are more cool-toned.  For the princess factor, there is a fine silver micro shimmer that is subtle yet stunning up close.

The wear I get with Cinderella lasted about 2 weeks with top coat and base coat. At the 2 week mark, I had tip wear and a slight chip that was not very obvious.

And in the particular order from thereon, I picked up Mint Apple, Savage and Social Ladder.

Mint Apple is an interesting shade of jade green that has a slight mint green overtone. It also comes with fine micro gold glitters that is subtle yet stunning up close. The colours in Mint Apple are warm based and suit my skin tone very well.  I have worn this shade twice with differing results- perhaps it was due to the difference in activities during the different periods.  Worn with a top coat and base coat, I also had about 2 weeks' of wear.  At the second week mark, I had tip wear and slight chips that were not obvious.  My second time wearing Mint Apple had different results.  Worn with the same top coat and base coat, I experienced slight chipping after a few days. 

Savage is one of my favourites here.  The finish is creamy yet completely matte.  I was rather shocked at the intensity of the polish and the colour is very unique.  It is a teal blue-green that borders on the verge of being a shocking blue.  Being a matte polish, the formula of this polish is thicker than the rest.  Some might find it hard to work with but this shade is a one coat wonder. The opacity is incredible and it dried faster than the other polishes.  The only complaints I have are that I need to buy a matte top coat for this polish and it stains like crazy!  Anyway, since I did not have a matte top coat, I did not use top coat and the longevity suffered slight as it lasted for about a week without major chipping.

My least favourite is Social Ladder.  Don't get me wrong here.  I like Social Ladder but compared to the rest, Social Ladder was the hardest to work with.  The formula is not very opaque and I had to keep layering the polish to get full opacity.  The colour effects you can get with Social Ladder differs under the different lightings.  In sunlight, it is a blush pink with a pearlescent white finish.  Under artificial lighting, it appears to be a nude pink with a pearlescent white finish.  Once again, Social Ladder is subtle and a stunner up close.

Sinful Colors (RRP $4.95) is available at Priceline and Target as at posting date.

Have you tried any Sinful Colors? What do you think of the shades?

annsleyw :)


  1. No but I have been meaning to pick some up to try because they're so cheap!! They lasted two weeks? Thats awesome!! Great post!

    1. Hi Sarah, thanks! The only polish that delivered almost 2 weeks of wear with tip wear and slight chipping was Cinderella. Mint Apple had different results but overall, Sinful Colors is a great brand to check out!

  2. I like the blue one - it's a winner! Will have to check this brand out.

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    1. Hi Trishie, I think so too! :) I dropped by your blog and entered your giveaway. Great post!


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